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The Head Of The Development Team Called Tribestan: A Gift Of Nature To Humanity!

Tribestan is a natural product effective on the sexual reproductive system. It is obtained from the thorn plant Tribulus Terrestris L., growing in Bulgaria. The natural habitats of the plant have been extensively studied and are well defined as species and like other plants, would often change its composition depending on the site and conditions of growth. The cultured plant is already being used in Bulgaria as well. Cultivation is a complicated process because of the specificity of the plant.

Tribestan improves sexual activity, and also improves and prolongs penile erection in men. It has stimulating effect on spermatogenesis by increasing the number of spermatozoa and their motility and viability.

In women it also improves sexual activity and stimulates ovogenesis. It has beneficial effect on the vasomotor symptoms during natural and post-castration menopause, and on the subjective complaints of sleeplessness, general strain, irritability or apathy, etc.

Tribestan decreases serum cholesterol levels. It is non-toxic and has shown no adverse effects. The preparation has no teratogenic and embryotoxic actions, and exerts no adverse effects on postnatal development. It is free of microbiological impurities. The favorable action of Tribestan on the body allows its use by athletes.

Tribestan has well defined chemical composition and is standardized in relation to its active ingredients. It is administered orally as tablets of 250 mg. Its dosage quantities and duration vary with the mildness or severity of the case.

The product also finds application in veterinary practice for disturbances of the sexual and reproductive behavior in domesticated and farm animals where it can be used to normalize and prolong sexual activity, improve sperm production in the animals with mating or fertility impotence during mating season.

The author and the product development team took very active part in its implementation in regular production by the manufacturer Sopharma AD of Sofia, Bulgaria. Curiously enough, the development of this product cost nearly 20 years to the principal author and the research team, as the active ingredients turned out to constitute a new type of physiologically active substances. Thus, an author's hypothesis, connected with the long-lived experience was finally crowned with success and got its modern tune and meaning.

Margarita Tomova, Ph.D.

Margarita Tomova Pharm D. Head of Tribestan development team

Margarita Tomova, Pharm. D., Assoc. Prof. has been a long standing director of the Natural Steroids Laboratory with the Phytochemistry Division of the Chemical Pharmaceutical Research Institute of Pharmachim in Sofia, Bulgaria. Her chief area of research interest was natural substances of plant origin, where she has published over 60 research papers in Bulgaria and Germany. She has also delivered large number of lectures and reports at various scientific forums in Bulgaria and abroad (Russia, Germany, Czech Republic, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, etc.). As an experienced Head of Laboratory she has trained and virtually created many young scientists, and has further reviewed and guided their professional career, promoting them and helping them achieve higher degrees and ranks. She is a life member of the Union of Scientists in Bulgaria, the Union of Bulgarian Pharmacists, member of the Scientific Board of the Institute of Botany, the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, member of the Scientific Board of the Chemical Pharmaceutical Research Institute, etc. She has received number of honorary diplomas, certificates of recognition and awards. She is the author of number of licensed preparations of plant origin.

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