Tribulus and Finished form effectiveness considerations

Tribulus terrestris specifics and considerations for an effective and safe product. What makes an effective product based on extract from Tribulus terestris l.?

The proper extract from the proper herb variety.

Tablets safeguarded from absorbing moisture.

Formulation that allows retention of the active ingredient for longer in the system.

Prolonged intake even if there are almost immediate results.

The protodioscine content

We would like to emphasize that the push towards higher Protodioscin content in Tribulus based products is intended to mislead consumers. The products claiming high levels of Protodioscin simply use inferior Tribulus extracts and add Protodioscin. The true superiority in the effectiveness and safety of Tribestan is expressed in a biologically balanced substance where are present not only Protodioscin, Protogracillin but other key saponins in critically important ratios.

The moisture

The effectiveness and potency of products based on extract from Tribulus terrestris L. is greatly undermined to the point of worthlessness if exposed to moisture. If you are offered Tribulus based product in a capsule form, or in a bottle, as opposed to tableted product placed in blister sheets do not waste your money.

The herb

Number of companies will claim that they are using Bulgarian Tribulus and will offer products from $7 to $15. The herb itself costs $2.50 to $8.00 per kilo (~2 lb.) They will even elaborate on the cultivation methods even if it is a wild plant. Tribulus terrestris also called Puncture Vine, Small Caltrops (Goats Head), Ghota gokhru (Hindi), Bhakri ((India), Hamabishi (Japan), or Chili (Chinese) grows world-wide.

We've tested the herb from all available sources and it simply is not capable after processing to deliver furostanol saponins of 45% or over with predominating quantity of protodioscine, which is a minimum requirement for an effective product. Even in Bulgaria not all the sites where the plant is collected meet the requirements. The herb bales are being selected for use in Tribestan production.

The results of some of our tests: Comparative analytical investigation of Tribulus terrestris preparations

The extract

For an effective extract it takes approximately 2,000 lb. (905 kg) to produce 36 lb. (16 kg) extract where 250 mg are used per tablet. The process itself is much more complex, but to simply describe how the actual extract is obtained, after the herb is boiled only the saponins (soapy lathers) are being used in Tribestan. The herb alone has some known toxicity and causes digestive system problems.

How long should you take it?

Tribestan delivers almost immediate result. In men, the action is closely linked to the reproduction of one complete cell by the testes (germinative period). In women, the treatment is strictly individual. That's why it is recommended that an individual completes a course of 60 to 90 days as follows:

For the first 60 days 3 times daily: 1 tablet during meals

Another 30 days maintenance dose of 1 tablet daily.

Alternatively the above dosage may be applied for respectively 40 and 50 days.

What should you take it for and who?

A person will experience immediate improvement and increased sex drive on the 2nd to the 3rd day. Then that will fade away and come back on around 8th to the 10th day and the improvement will continue until an optimal level is reached. Optimal equals to satisfactory for the average individual. The course with Tribestan may be repeated once a year, or, after completing one course stay off of it for one month an on again. Tribestan may be administered continuously as well. The product may be used as:

  • Sexual performance enhancer, longer erections, ovulation problems, PMS prophylactic Libido booster
  • Prostate enlargement therapy. Tribestan should not be used if prostate is enlarged.
  • Infertility treatment
  • Increased sperm count, improved sperm motility and viability
  • Impotence treatment
  • Increase of muscle mass for bodybuilding related to lowered testosterone production as a result of steroids and heavy loads on the body
  • Tribestan stimulates protein synthesis as well.
  • Recovery of the sexual reproductive system as a result of the use of toxic substances, steroids, etc.

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